Journal by Kathleen Schildmeyer

A gift from Aunt Alayne, this beautiful Irish Belleek tea pot. It sits on the kitchen table in the morning sun.  While painting it, I contemplate my trip to Ireland.


Preparing, making lists and feeling an unease for being away from my husband and son for this length of time. Pushing myself to grow, pushing past my comfort. Because I think I am more than I have been. Will they still love me if I change the rules and expand? Can I bring home new possibilities and evidence of dreams manifest?

Morning Journal 10/6/2016 by Kathleen Schildmeyer


It's cold, rainy outside. Early fall but still the sky lets go of feirce winter tantrums. Seasons are changing. I am preparing to go on a journey, a marker of time. Before and after. Getting life down to the essentials and thinking about all the luxuries I do not need. A suitcase, paints, passport, plane tickets and the love ties of my family. Hugs and blessings from my husband and son.


Walking Treasure by Kathleen Schildmeyer

I went on a walk with my beloved Aunt last week in the Portland hills up to the Japanese gardens.  Warm light falling on the concrete, purple shadows draped over uneven ground. The opportunity to "see" is exponentially larger while walking verses our many other modes of modern transportation. The Japanese Gardens are always a sight to behold, breathtaking views in every direction, yet they leave no debris.  This little treasure I found on the city street in perfect shape laying in a dry gutter. A beautiful gift.  

Hanging A Show @ Stoller Winery by Kathleen Schildmeyer

I just hung an art show at the Stoller Family Estate Winery in their tasting room. What a beautiful location. After all the artwork was up I had the chance to sit outside and enjoy a wonderful glass of Wine. Let me paint a picture...out of town visitors were sitting nearby on a picnic blanket taking photographs and laughing, another group of people were playing disc golf. At a picnic table under the shade of the trees were 6 men in suits, laptops open and a bottle of wine uncorked amongst them. As I gazed out over the rolling hills of grape vines it was effortless to envision more paintings with varied compositions and color themes. These tangeable luxuries we can all enjoy and incorporate into our lives and homes, art and wine. Why? Inspiration breeds inspiration.