Artist Statement



My paintings are inspired by nature. The moods evoked by clouds, wind, sun and shadow are interpreted using color and texture. I am also pulling the experience of sensations into my work, things that are felt more than seen; music, wind, a dream. Textures often make reference to a layering of time. There are hints of these unseen elements throughout my artwork. 

I begin my larger paintings by referencing small loose sketches created on location to get the essence of a time and place. My process includes scraping paint with old credit cards, palette knives and sticks, intermixed with refined brushstrokes.  Keeping some areas of the work a bit raw, to reveal a glimpse of the creative process is an aspect that continues to excite me. I have always liked the smell of paint and the opportunity to mark up a big white canvas. For me painting is a constant discovery and conversation with the artwork itself, the painting tells me what it needs and I respond.

I would like for people to feel a sense of peace when they are with my paintings. I hope to inspire self discovery and connection.