The first drawing experience that I can recall was what felt like long before
kindergarden. I was trying to draw a portrait of my mother, we were guests in my Aunt’s
home. I was having a difficult time getting my fingers to produce what was clear in my
mind. It was a shocking experience to witness my own childlike drawing and lack of
accuracy. Ultimately I ended up throwing an angry fit, ripping up the unworthy drawing
and shrieking down the basement stairs. Even at that young age I could “see”.
The instinctual desire to portray my experience through art has continued to be a
prominent theme throughout my life. Art, especially painting and drawing has been a
daily activity ever since I can remember.

In high school I was granted the “Art Award” and went on to study the discipline in
several colleges, eventually graduating from the Oregon College of Art in Ashland.
At this point I was even more inspired to further my education in art. My next scholastic
endeavor was to be the most notable of them all, I completed the 4 year program at the
Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California, graduating in 1987 with a hard
earned degree in illustration.
Throughout my last year of college and onward for 8 years thereafter, I lived in
Hollywood, CA. working in the movie industry painting specialty backdrops for movies,
television commercials and even theme parks. During these 9 years I had the
opportunity to paint on a very large scale and in many locations throughout the United
States. I worked in partnership with my best friend, gathering amazing experiences and
colorful stories. We painted murals for several of the Hard Rock Cafe’ locations around
the world and the 3/4 scale New York City replica in Disney World Florida. One job for a
television commercial was to paint a row of victorian houses on a canvas the length of a
football field. Painting murals even took us to Osaka Japan, with a commission to paint
trompe l'oeil murals in one of our client’s many businesses.

My involvement in the mural business concluded with a marriage proposal and
ultimately a move to Oregon where my son was born. During a short stay in the San
Francisco area I helped develop and illustrate a series of colorful board games that
were distributed throughout the United States. I also worked with one of the earlier
snowboard companies, Joyride, painting snowboard designs.
A steady stream of painting commissions led me to the path that I am on now. I create
paintings on canvas in my beautiful studio. Occasionally I accept students and will hold
workshops from this location. My work is shown in a variety of venues locally and
abroad. I currently live in Lake Oswego with my husband and son.